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Hello, my name is Mauricio.

My mission is
design & develop the best websites of the world

No matter the project, or the theme, the objective is always the same, and what I can write about it, is superfluous, I prefer to let the work speak by itself.

I have 10 years in the design branch, and I have worked for small and big companies, strengthening my knowledge of marketing, design, project management, and more.

Web Design
Problem Solving
Social Life
Rocket League
Project Management
Web Consulting
Recent Learnings
4 Works of the Chief

XN Partners, MVD, Uruguay

December 2017

An incredible experience to motivate the change of mentality, promote the attitude of leader, instead of bosses, among a lot of priceless learnings.

Leading teams in the Digital Era

Hyper Island, Stockholm, Sweden.

June 2018

Change of mentality, of form of work, leadership, and a great amount of learnings applicable in this era of rapid change and where adaptability is crucial to move forward.

Latest Experiences


Jan 2010 - Dec 2015

Working successfully in different platforms of remote work, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Design Manager


Oct 2015 - Present

From web designer, to head of design, in recent years in Trafilea, one of the fastest growing companies in Latin America.

Many are those who promise, but few who comply, I prefer that the work speak for itself

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